Tomato and Cucumber Support with Trellising net by HORTOMALLAS

How to keep your veggies off the ground using trellising netting

Trellising net
Trellising net provides adequate support to cucurbits.

Trellising net to tutor and support vegetable plants is the easiest and hassle free systems that you could imagine to improve your crop yields.  Gone are the days where you had to spend so much on labor to create a hand weave trellis with support raffia.  With trellising netting you just extend the roll of net over the furrows and secure it to the posts, and the tendrils of your cucumbers do the job and fasten to the net.  In case of netting for trellising tomatoes the most recommended installation method is to place two rows of net of each side of the rows of tomatoes and kind of sandwich in between the nets them as to prevent the branches to reach the ground even when loaded.

Trellising net
Tutoring double trellising-net for tomato crop.

All vegetable plants need some sort of support to avoid the branched and fruits from touching the soil and coming in contact with humidity as this is one of the first venues for phytopathogens, as for examples fungal attacks do happen in high humidity environments, as air flow is restricted  and humidity stagnates allowing fungi to increase their presence in between the plants.

A well supported and trained plant will increase its solar exposure and also increase production as the plant´s resources can be diverted from trying to support itself to  produce fruits.

The other advantage of trellising netting over agricultural raffia is agronomic, as raffia requires a lot of hand training of the plants and this in turn increases plant stress (decreasing production yields by about 8%)  and also, and most important, training plants by hand with raffia (either in an open field or as a high-wire cropping method) increases the rate of mechanically transmitted diseases such as viruses, bacterias and fungi as the hands of the workers that come in contact with a sick plant will become vectors of transmission and affect the whole plantation at an exponential rate, on the contrary using trellising-net the plat is left to grow on its own, and a lot less hand contact is required.

Trellising-net it provides uniform support to vegetable tomato.

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