Trellising Raspberries for maximum growth

Trellising raspberries can be easy

Trellising raspberries is a great way to grow the popular fruit. There are many benefits for growing them in this manner. They are a very popular fruit that you will want to keep having. This method makes it easier to harvest and prune. Raspberries can become over 6 feet tall and they have thorns. There is a certain way to plant the berries that can yield a great crop that will not take over your other plants or yard. You do not need much to accomplish this task and it can be easy once you get everything to do so. When you first plant the raspberries all the canes will be green. These green canes do not produce fruit the first year. They only produce leaves.

Plant training is essential for raspberry growing

Raspberries trellis netting
To lattice the raspberries you need several materials and tools such as wood, a drill, a string and an eye bolt.

Raspberries are a bramble plant. They have wood like canes that can be hard to control if you don’t use plant training. Not only do they grow out of control but they can take over and choke out other plants. By trellising raspberries you are ensuring that you make them grow how you want and in the direction that you want. Trellising raspberries can be easy with a minimum amount of tools. To trellis them you need wood, eye bolts, a drill for the eyelets, and string or twine. Something that is strong enough to hold the canes and that is best for plant training.

Make a “T” shape

To make the trellis you want to make a “T” shape with another cross bar half way down. Put the eye bolts at the end of the top bar of the “T”. These will be used to hold the twine or string. As the plant grows you use the string to make the canes stay close to the trellis. This will make certain that your canes will not grow all over your beds and your other plants stay safe from the canes. As the plant grows you tie the canes with the string and the eye bolts. You want to pull the strings to hold up the canes without breaking them. Ensure you leave enough slack. Check on them to adjust the tautness as needed. 

Ensuring you don’t get fruit rot

Fruit rot or root rot is a common problem with raspberries. Having either of these issues can make for small sour berries or can kill your plant altogether. In order to help stay away from root rot is to plant your raspberries in raised beds. Making these beds is a simple process. You can either buy the wood and make a custom bed or buy a kit. Another consideration for planting is when to plant the berries. The ideal time is spring season as this makes for optimal fruit.

Important aspects to be considered

  1. Soil is something to think about as well. When you are choosing a place for your beds or if you already have established beds, you need to keep track of what you are planting in them. You cannot plant raspberries in soil that has had potatoes or other root vegetables in the same soil. You need to wait at least 4 years to make certain that where you are trellising raspberries has the best soil
Trellis netting
Only 4 years is the estimated time to know if the soil is fertile to be able to grow raspberries.
  1. When you trellis the raspberries gets the leaves into the maximum position for the sun. Like most plants, the leaves soak up the sun and help the plant grow. They require full sun. This is very important for this particular plant.
  1. The raspberries only need 1 to 2 inches of water a week. Do not over water the plant.
  1. Airflow is a great advantage of trellising raspberries. Mildew and mold can kill plants quickly. The airflow on the berries makes certain that when you water them they do not just sit in water and hurt the plant. Even though you are trellising them you want to leave 2 to 3 feet between each bunch of canes. Not only does it help with the airflow but they will not get entangled. This will allow for several canes to produce a great deal of fruit.

Pruning made easier

When trellising the raspberries you gain easy access to pruning, harvesting, and pest control. You need to cut out the old dry canes yearly. In order for your plant to stay healthy you must remove the brown, dry canes. Not removing these can damage or ruin your fruit. Having all the canes in one location in a manner that you can see them all makes finding and getting rid of them easier. In the summer if it looks like you have too many canes, you should get rid of the older ones to ensure there is no overcrowding. Due to raspberries have thorns trellising raspberries allows you to see exactly what you are grabbing or trying to get to in the plant. Pest control is made easier for the same reasons. You can keep a better eye on what is on the plant. Things like aphids and Japanese beetles can decimate plants easily.

Vertical trellis mesh
Every year the old dry branches must be cut so that the plant stays healthy and the fruit does not leave damaged.

How take advantage of growing nets?

Growing nets protect your plant from birds, other small animals, and insects. Birds, much like mold and insects, will take all of your fruit from the plant. With all of the work you put into it you want to be able to enjoy your bounty. Growing nets can also, depending on the type of net, keep bugs off of the plant. Another layer of protection for the fall would be to lay several inches, 4 to 6, of mulch to protect the canes and soil.

If you are trellising raspberries this will make certain that you have the best fruit for up to 10 years. You want to ensure that you take care of your plant and do not let it take over your garden. Using the minimal amount of tools, you can do this project easily. Allow airflow to keep mold and mildew off of your plant. You do not want to kill your plant from these or over watering. Tie back the canes with enough force to hold them but not break them.

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