Trellising tomatoes is essential to increase your production of yield

Trellising tomatoes improves yield by diminishing the plant stress

If it seems you are not getting the best quality fresh tomatoes, there could be a good reason for this; you aren’t trellising tomatoes. If you’re aiming to produce the best quality tomato plants without the harsh chemicals and extensive work involved there is a solution. You need to start Trellising tomatoes. A flower support net can give your plants the much-needed support for their fragile vines.

Lattice net placed in a crop with wooden poles
The flower support network is a good option as it gives support to the tomato plants and their vines.

How trellising will help?

Trellising plants allows proper air circulation and gives each plant an even amount of sunshine. This will give them the best opportunity for the plants to grow to their potential while avoiding most ground diseases. Tomatoes will grow on the bare ground if they don’t get supported which will expose the tomatoes vines to pests, and inadequate lighting. Trellising has become popular in the modern world now it produces excellent quality and disease resistant plants. There are other options like cages or staking for tomatoes, but the results are not as good as when compared to trellising tomatoes. It’s a modern technique for vining plants. There are several advantages of the trellising method.

  • It keeps the plants tidy and out of the road
  • You can find the fruit and veggies easier
  • Vines that grow on trellis don’t end up growing into other plants nearby
  • Vines kept off the ground have reduced exposure to bacteria
  • Trellis doesn’t create a breeding ground for pathogens
  • Your fruit is cleaner
  • Easier to maintain while pruning and feeding.
  • Provides much-needed support for plants to produce fruit or vegetables
Lattice network sample
One of the advantages of the trellising net is that it orders the plants and is easy to maintain.

Do I need to trellis my tomatoes?

Your tomatoes will improve, and you start seeing results sooner rather than later. When trellising them you will find that they are spread apart so if you need to pull out a plant that is dying there is no harm done to any other plants. Trellising tomatoes is essential to increase your production of yield. Trellising isn’t limited to tomatoes you can also use cucumbers, melons and beans and much more. There will be less mechanical stress to your plants when using the flower support net. People are known to use twine for their tomato growing but it is highly advisable not to as twine becomes a breeding ground for pathogens in between the knots and creases of the rope.

Plastic lattice network sample
The tomatoes will begin to grow with greater quality when you use the lattice network and they need to be placed at a good distance.

Installing the trellis for Trellising tomatoes

There are a few ways to create trellising plants: Horizontal way means the trellis gets placed above the plants within a distance from the ground. The plant then can grow across the trellis, and it will get leafier as it grows. Using a V-shape trellis means the tomatoes will naturally lean against the trellis there is no need to secure the plant to the trellis. Double wall means the tomato plant will grow in between two walls of the trellis; you will need clips for added support with this method. Using a double wall means you won’t have to prune as much as the other ways.

Green plastic lattice network sample
For additional support it is recommended to use clips and you will not have to prune as much.

Why does trellis net diminish plant stress?

When trellising tomatoes, you will notice that your yields will improve because your plant doesn’t have to stress about the added weight pulling on the vines. Using trellis is better for the plant than twine or other methods because there isn’t too much labor handling on the plant. When we handle the plant by tutoring, it can stress it out because we are changing their normal, natural orientation. Stress to the plant can appear as an alteration. Stress can affect the plant no matter what stage of development. Mechanical stress often comes from human handling. It isn’t just limited to that, there are other factors like harsh winds and rain. The trellis will help support the tomato plants with the heavy rainfall or high winds.

If plants get exposed to stress, you will see a reduced size, undeveloped fruit and less yield. In the young stage of development, the plants will have a smaller stem thickness and shorter growth. Tomato plants are very efficient they will lay themselves out to capture the most sunlight, they will re-arrange their leaves if need but this will cause extreme stress as they must utilize their resources and lower their production yield.

Lattice net installed in tomaote crop
When the tomatoes are impaled, the yields will begin to improve.

Growing tomatoes

You can start growing tomatoes around the October mark. They need plenty of sunlight and air circulation. It is best to rotate your tomatoes yearly and don’t plant them in the same spot for two years in a row. To create a deeper root system, plant your seedlings deeper than needed as your tomatoes will grow more roots along its stems that happen to come into contact with the soil. People tend to prune the crosswire branches, but this will only lower your field count. You may need to re-thread some vines if they have come away from the trellis and are going their way or if it is growing more strands. Tomatoes love the warmer weather and are suited well for growing in summer as long as the soil is kept moist but not wet, and you fertilize when needed. Tomatoes can generally be harvested within 2-4 months after you had planted them. When tutoring tomatoes, it’s important to give plants the best support to get a quality yield per growth cycle.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, and there is nothing quite as home-grown vegetables and fruit rather than store bought. Tutoring tomatoes are essential otherwise they will spread along the ground which can cause mold and rot that will destroy the plant and the garden soil around it. Trellising tomatoes is a safe and easy way to support the branches that are bearing the fruit. It prevents the plant from sagging and bending some of the branches which can cut off circulation, so the plant won’t have access to a number of nutrients it needs to mature the fruit and bring it to full term.

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